Awaken Retreats –
Rituals Series

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Date: TBD
Teachers: Emma Power
Time: 10:00am - 7.00pm

The Tantrics recognise the power and depth that come with the practice of rituals. For thousands of years, rituals have been performed as a means to elevate the practitioner to new heights of awareness, as well as to honor the tradition of the path. In this very special course we will perform these mystical and age-old practices, giving students a rare glimpse into a world of Tantra as it is rarely experienced in the West.


Full price: $290




  • Lectures on Rituals and setting up sacred spaces
  • A special manual with cards depicting yantras, great teachers and Gods/Goddesses relevant to the tradition
  • Gourmet vegetarian lunch and snacks
  • Deep immersion and practice of a number of powerful rituals
  • Invitation to join the Awaken Graduates Facebook Page