The Workshops


Would you like to improve your yoga practice, slow your ageing process, cleanse your system
and feel energy more clearly? During this workshop we will explore the purification systems used by the ancient yogis (shatkarma kriyas).

Many of these methods are easy to perform and bring wonderful results. Learn these remarkable tools to help refresh and reset the body’s natural balance, as well as clearing your mind and revitalising your spirit, preparing you for higher states of consciousness.

The Workshop will include:

· A lecture on Tantric/yogic techniques and practices
· A manual of written instructions
· Light refreshments
· A follow-up newsletter

Upcoming Workshop:

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‘This is the best gift I have ever given myself, I feel like so much is falling into place already. I’ve finally found the yoga which I truly gel with. What a blessing.’
– Kate Jeffries

‘The two most valuable things The Awaken Series has taught me? Who I am, and how to be a better father. Priceless.’
– Michael Allen