The Teachers

Emma Power

Emma is the creator and founder of the Awaken Series and co-founder of Tantra Is Love.

Over the years, Emma has been taught and guided by some extraordinary teachers, yogis and swamis who have been generous enough to pass on the ancient teachings of Tantric yoga. Learning this knowledge and engaging in these practices has completely transformed her on all levels. As a result, Emma has devoted her life to making this work accessible in the West. The Awaken Series is an amalgamation of all she has learnt, in a formula specifically designed to create a powerful expansion and evolution for her students.

Nilanthi Chandra

Nilanthi is a trained meditation teacher, retreat facilitator, naturopath and nurse who loves the exploration of ancient wisdom and its integration into today’s world. The Awaken Series practice has gifted her with a self-empowering, holistic system of healing and evolution that can be utilised by anyone. She enjoys integrating these teachings with Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and food medicine.

George Weis

George is a trained Tantric yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, musician and Creative Arts Therapist. The creativity and sensitivity he has developed through many years as a musician and Tantric practitioner characterise his teaching. He is fascinated by combining yogic principles with music practice. George feels blessed to be teaching in the Awaken Series, as his dharma is sharing the transformative wisdom of the yogis. George also offers one-on-one sessions for those wishing to personalise and deepen their Tantric yoga practice.

Mangala Holland

Mangala is a Tantric Hatha/Kundalini Yoga teacher, Tantra teacher and Tantric bodyworker/coach.
She teaches worldwide, primarily in Australia, Thailand, the USA, India and Mexico. She offers a range of workshops, teachings and individual/couples sessions. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and is particularly passionate about purification methods and sublimation of energy. She teaches on an array of topics, from traditional Tantric theory to transformational femininity and everything in between.
Her mission is to empower people to transform their lives through embracing yogic technology and that everyone can apply these teachings for a better life.

Charly Jaffe

Charly’s passion for empowering through education has led her across industries and continents – from BBC News to Google, a Burmese Buddhist nunnery to The Awaken School. After 8 years of yoga practice, she was blown away by the remarkable transformation she experienced with The Awaken Series, and shares these powerful teachings with engaging vulnerability and wit.

When she isn’t teaching or writing, Charly’s got a wardrobe full of hats she wears to keep The Awaken School running behind the scenes.