What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual and practical framework for living with consciousness and awareness in all aspects of our lives. This system is one that teaches that the world around us – that life itself – can be used as an instrument to elevate our consciousness and experience spiritual realisation.

The Tantrics and yogis have therefore given us various practices and techniques that allow us to utilise our body, emotions, mind and environment as opportunities to evolve.

The Awaken Series is designed to systematically offer you these practices and teachings as you proceed through each of the courses.

What is Tantric yoga?

Tantric yoga is a practice that works with a combination of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha with a specific focus on the chakra and energy systems. The Awaken Series has developed a formula that powerfully combines these techniques in a practice that accelerates deep shifts and transformations energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in the student.

Do you offer drop-in classes?

The Awaken Series is not a drop-in, casual yoga class. This is a series of eight individual courses. Most of the courses run for eight weeks, with the exception of the Rituals Series and the Kundalini Series, which have a slightly different format.

Do the courses run in an order?

You must attend the Beginning Series if you’d like to continue with any other series. After that, you can jump in on the other courses in any order. The only exception is the Kundalini Series, which requires an application process and is only available to those who have completed the Beginning Series, the Chakra Series, the Teachings Series, the Fundamentals Series, the Code Series and the Expansion Series.

Will there be homework assigned?

Yes. In each series, each week, there will be homework set. Homework requirements average approximately 10-15 minutes per day outside of class time and are designed to deepen your practice and to help you experience each week’s concept more fully. (And they’re usually fun!)

Will I receive course materials?

Yes. Each course comes with its own individual manual of teachings and models. These beautiful books can be kept well into the future and used to reference what you have learned in each course.

Is this yoga sexual?

This practice isn’t designed to be specifically sexual within the class. However, the Awaken Series is a practice that allows students to connect more deeply with all aspects of their being. As a result many students have reported an incredible effect on their lovemaking.

How do I get involved in the Awaken Series community?

Once you have signed up to the Beginning Series, you will be instantly part of an amazing community of people dedicated to this work. You will be given access to the private Facebook group in which questions, conversations and support are constantly running. We also have a weekly newsletter that will give you a re-cap of what you’ve learnt in class, as well as updates on happenings outside of class. Signing up here to our mailing list before you begin your course will offer you additional updates and information. And then, of course, coming to class each week and staying for the light refreshments afterwards will give you the opportunity to spend time with other like-minded people.

‘I’ve experienced loads of different yoga styles in the last 10 years, but this has undoubtedly been the most profound, fun, dynamic and reverent yoga experience I have ever had.’
– Nilanthi Chandra

‘My yoga has gone to a whole new level I didn’t even know existed.’
– Kay Wilson