Change your world – tap into your super-powers!

I’m still pinching myself –
I recently had the great honor of spending an entire weekend practicing energy based yoga with Reinhard Gamenthella. Reinhard is a renowned and dedicated yogi who has spent many years living in isolation and was a devoted disciple of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari.

Within the first 5 minutes of meeting him, this is what he said;

‘Yoga tells us that the physical body contains within it the whole universe. In fact the yogis even say that the outside universe is produced from your internal world. What you see outside of yourself is only a reflection of the energy that you create within your own body. The secret of Yoga is to teach you that you yourself are the creator of your life and of your world. That there is divine power inside of you. Yoga gives you the tools to connect to this power and energies and start to use them to obtain control of your life. Yoga frees you from the bonds that normal people are bound to. It’s a very powerful science.’


He had summed up my experience in a nutshell. True yoga, the traditional practices, give us all of the tools we need to live an extraordinary life. The body contains an unbelievable intelligence. When we learn to tap into this, we begin to understand the age-old wisdom of what lies within, and we can create the world in which we want to exist.

The Awaken Series is designed to do just that.

In creating this practice I made a commitment to honor the true tradition and offer little known techniques that would allow students to truly experience the power of this work.

Much love to you,