Series Week-4

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Uddiyana Bandha is an invaluable blessing for those who know and practice it. Its steady practice secures health, unusual strength, supernormal powers or perfections and longevity. Its practice, and that of nauli kriya, are unrivalled in any system of physical education in East or West.’ – Swami Sivananda

‘He who practices this Uddiyana steadily, dominates disease as the lion over the elephant, and conquers death. The great bird (prana) is forced up into sushumna by this process and flies (moves) therein only. // Of all the bandhas, this is the most distinguished. The perfect practice of this smooths the path and makes emancipation (mukti) easy.’ – From the text Gheranda Samhita.

This is one of the THE most powerful, ancient techniques that we have to change moods, sublimate energy and reach heightened states of consciousness. That’s why most people either love it or resist it!

On that note of resistance, we acknowledge that it can be difficult coming to class when it’s raining, the house is warm and amidst the general busyness of life! We want to support you in getting on the mat each week and also want to encourage you to push through the obstacles and gift this practice to yourself. We know for sure that this has the potential to be life-changing in a good way!