Series Week-2

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Dear Yogis,

It was an honour to practice with you last night. There was such vibing energy in the room!

To really deepen your practice each week, please ensure you set aside time for your homework – you’ll really notice the difference in class.


Ten minutes of Bhastrika + Maha Yoga Pranayama daily. It is highly recommended that you move into a meditation afterwards, as you will be experiencing a heightened state of awareness.
Read the chapter ‘What is Yoga?’ in your manual.
Identify what Yoga is for you. Why are you here in the course? What is it you hope to achieve from the practice? Having awareness around your practice will naturally strengthen the experience.
If you missed last week, please read the first two chapters of your manual.
And just a reminder if you haven’t already, join the awesome Awaken Series Graduates Community on facebook. There’s a lot of activity happening there!