While we are the most connected and convenienced generation in history, we are also one of the most discontent.

The Awaken School exists as an alternative for those who feel there is more to life than simply going through the motions.

The yogis were early experimenters.They tested out the ways in which various poses, practices, and breathing techniques could affect their state of mind and spiritual experience. Their Tantric counterparts were ancient explorers, committed to discovering the full potential of the human experience.

Through relentless investigation, these great teachers formulated and refined remarkable frameworks for finding extraordinary depth and fulfilment.

Ancient Techniques to Transform the Mind

In the West, we often find a watered down version of yoga: beneficial, but barely scratching the surface of these powerful teachings.

At The Awaken School, we’re committed to communicating these practices and philosophies, which have largely been confined to ashrams, in a manner that is accessible to the modern-day student.

We are excited to pass along tools that can enable you to rewire your mind’s instinctive reactions to everyday challenges; from making catastrophic setbacks more manageable to simply generating more joy in the everyday.

What We’re Not

It’s also important to say what we are not. There is no dogma or religion here. Our students come from across the spectrum of beliefs: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, as well as atheists and those undecided. Some are long-time yoga teachers; others try their first yoga class with us. Everyone has a different experience and we think that’s awesome – take what you want, leave what you will.

Paying Respect

We pay great respect to the ancient yogis and Tantrics who pioneered these techniques in their endless exploration of human consciousness, and are honoured to be expanding the impact of their incredible discoveries.

‘The two most valuable things The Awaken Series has taught me? Who I am, and how to be a better father. Priceless.’
– Michael Allen

‘Physically it calms my body, stops the loop of anxiety and allows me to relax into however I’m feeling, with a greater confidence in myself and a greater sense of hope. I can’t say how thankful I am for the program and to have found this practice. It has been truly life altering for me.’
– Fallon Coad

‘This practice has made more difference to my life than any other. It’s completely changed my relationships and enabled some of the most profound life experiences I’ve had. And it’s made me happier, and calmer.’
– Jakin Ravalico