A Society that’s making itself sick

We live in a culture of pushing. It’s like some kind of sickness that we’ve collectively agreed upon. Most of us have made our life about future outcomes, what’s next/better and the effort-push-hustle to then make it all happen.

You can’t sustain it. It will make you sick. Your body isn’t designed to live in this way. Fight/flight is a state we should only experience for short periods of time, for a very specific purpose. We are NOT DESIGNED TO LIVE IN THIS STATE.

But for most of us, being in overdrive is the new normal. And it feels normal because everyone else is doing it.

Rather than focusing on the external and on effort to make things happen, focus on what brings you peace, joy and a sense of alignment. Internally. Strip it back. Strip it alllll back.

When you start saying no to the things that don’t light you up, when you choose lifestyle over effort, when you place your attention in the present and let yourself enjoy the simple things. When you spend less time on socials and more time on self-care. When you make self-care a non-negotiable. You will find that living in alignment with your higher truth draws your future to you.

The endless searching for happiness can be found in the present rather than the future. And that a good portion of the hustle is not actually achieving much at all.

I’m not suggesting that we become apathetic or without goals. But if we’re constantly racing towards a future experience, then the racing becomes the habit, the addiction. If we obsess over what’s next, we won’t stop to realise we’ve already arrived.

Ideas on how to simply;

1.Turn notifications and devices off.
There is no need to be available to the world all day every day. Batch check your inbox at a specific time of day then switch it off again. Stay off socials for 24 hours once a week to give yourself a detox.

2.Carve out time for self care.
Create time daily for the things that make you feel good. Put this in your diary and give it the same level of importance you would a work meeting.

3.Parent yourself.
As a parent, you are most likely to think in terms of what you need rather than what you want. Take this higher perspective and put yourself to bed earlier, feed yourself your greens and limit your screen time.

4.If it doesn’t light you up, say no.
Stop trying to do everything. If it’s not a hell yes, you can let it go.

5.Learn from the ancients.
The ancient yogis and Tantrics are an incredible source of wisdom. And if you ask any psychologist on how to best counter todays mental health issues, they are doling out breathing techniques, suggesting yoga and meditation as an answer. These practices have been around for thousands of years and have stood the test of time. There’s a reason for this.

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